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Requesting a new parking zone

Regular Area Parking Permit Program 

An Area Parking Permit Program is designed to help citizens who live or work in non-metered areas by controlling commuter parking in their area. This is done through a permit system that limits those commuters who don't live or work in that area. Those who do have businesses or live in the area may apply to purchase a permit, allowing parking beyond the visitor limit. The permit also allows holders a certain number of guest passes.

This program began in 1981 in response to citizen concerns about commuter parking in neighborhoods. Commuter parking originates from outside the permit area and has no apparent connection or business within the permit area.

There are currently several zones in operation. Program hours are designed around the needs of each neighborhood and are in effect during the busiest parking times.

For the hours of operation of a particular zone, please refer to signage, or contact our office at  and 503-823-2777.

Annexing into a neighboring Area Parking Permit Program that already exists takes approximately three to six months.

To set up a new area under the program, certain requirements must be met as explained in Title 16 of the City Code:

  • The City must agree that parking spaces in the area will be 75% occupied (25% by commuter parking) at least four days per week and nine months per year.

  • The area requesting the Area Parking Permit Program must work through its neighborhood association or business district association as defined by City Code (Sections 3.96.020 and 3.96.030). If the area is not formally organized, requesters should directly contact the Office of Neighborhood Involvement ( ,, 503-823-4519).

  • The City Traffic Engineer must agree that the Area Parking Permit Program would promote benefits within the designated area. These benefits may include:

    • Increased access to area residents and businesses
    • Reduced traffic congestion
    • Increased traffic/pedestrian safety
  • Adverse effects that may prevent implementation of the Area Parking Permit Program may include the:

    • Lack of alternative modes of transportation
    • Availability of simpler, cheaper solutions
    • Legal existence of more than one firm with 50 or more employees that could not operate under the permit system constraints


A resident may request to have an area set up in a permit program through a community-initiated petition with signatures representing at least 50 percent of the affected addresses (one signature per address) that is submitted to the appropriate neighborhood association and the business district association. The petition should include a description of each of the following:

    1. Parking Problem
    2. Probable cause of the problem
    3. Proposed boundaries of the congested area
    4. Number of individual addresses in the congested area
    5. The annual permit fee of the program (this is provided by City staff)

The requester may contact the City Area Parking Permit Program Administrator, (503) 823-0124 to discuss what is needed for the petition, how to collect addresses, what the boundaries should be, what the next steps are to complete the process and other questions that they may have.

This is a program that is initiated by the area residents and business owners and it is important to understand that the first step must be carried out by those affected by the problem, and that a majority of them must desire the change. Once the petition is received by the City the request is processed to determine that all the required information has been collected showing neighborhood support for the program before the City will proceed.