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Entrance Treatments


Entrance treatments consist of physical and textural changes to streets and are located at key entry ways into a neighborhood.


Entrance treatments create visual, and occasionally audible cues that tell drivers they are entering a local residential area or that the surrounding land uses are changing. The intent is a reduction is speed.


Entrance treatments have minimal influence on drivers' routine behavior. Overall speeds and total volumes are not influenced, but it is believed that drivers are made more aware of the environment in which they are driving and are more considerate of pedestrians


Entrance treatments cost approximately $5,000-20,000.

Parking Impacts:


Transit Service Impacts:


Emergency Services Impacts:


Noise Impacts:

Textured pavements will introduce some new noise.

Other Considerations:


Examples In Portland:

N Columbia Way at Fessenden
SE 55th Avenue at Belmont and Hawthorne     Picture
SW Corbett at Boundary.    Picture