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High Collision Locations

The City of Portland, Bureau of Transportation System Management, analyzes collison patterns at street intersections and produces a report.  This document lists locations in the City of Portland that have had twenty or more reported collisions in a four year period.    Except for complicated intersections (those intersections with zones noted in the street name) all collision totals represent only those collisions occurring at the intersection. Complicated intersections count all collisions within their applicable zones.

These reports are compiled from data supplied by the Oregon Department of Transportation's Transportation Development Branch, Transportation Data Section, from records originally received by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. Due to under-reporting of collisions, this list should not be considered to represent all collisions occurring at the intersections listed.  Note also, due to the complicated coding procedures, it is possible that there may be additional high collision locations not yet identified. The analysis of the data and the resulting report were accomplished solely by the City of Portland's Bureau of Transportation System Management.

The equation used to compute the collision rate (collisions per million entering vehicles) for these locations is as follows:
    Collision Rate = Total collisions / (ADT x 340days x 4years / 1,000,000veh's)

where ADT is the average weekday daily traffic volume entering the intersection. Note that the volume used is considered to be approximate for a number of reasons; daily variation in counts, the count may not have been taken specifically at the intersection, the count may not be recent enough to reflect current conditions, etc.
Lists older than the 1994-1997  list are around 200kb and may take  two minutes to load. Landscape output is the best format for the older lists.
Reports available at this time are:
Report Period Sorted by Rate Sorted Alphabetically
by Area and Street Name
1998-2001 9801 123 9801 ABC
1997-2000 9700 123 9700 ABC
1996-1999 9699 123 9699 ABC
1995-1998 9598 123 9598 ABC
1994-1997 97 Rate 97 ABC
1993-1996 96 Rate 96 ABC
1992-1995 95 Rate 95 ABC
1991-1994 94 Rate 94 ABC