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Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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List of Emergency Response Route Streets

E Burnside Burnside Bridge 76th
N Alta Ivanhoe Willamette
N Argyle Way Columbia Denver
N Basin Going Fathom
N Broadway Larrabee Williams
N Burgard Lombard Columbia Blvd
N Channel Ave Going Lagoon
N Chautauqua Columbia Williams
N Columbia Blvd Burgard Vancouver
N Columbia Way Fessenden Portland Rd
N Denver Pacific Hwy Interstate
N Fessenden St Louis Columbia Way
N Going Channel Interstate
N Greeley Ave Lombard Interstate
N Hayden Island Dr West City Border Jantzen Beach Ave
N Interstate Denver Oregon
N Ivanhoe St Louis Philadelphia
N Jantzen Beach Ave Hayden Is Dr Tomahawk Is Dr
N Killingsworth Greeley Williams
N Lagoon Channel Going
N Lombard Alta Williams
N Lombard Burgard St Louis
N Lombard Marine Dr Burgard
N Marine Dr Lombard 148th
N Multnomah Wheeler Williams
N Pacific Hwy I-5 Denver
N Peninsular Columbia Lombard
N Portland Blvd Willamette Williams
N Portland Rd Columbia Way Marine Dr
N Portsmouth Blvd Columbia Willamette
N Russell Interstate Kerby
N Saint Johns Bridge    
N Schmeer Rd Whitaker Vancouver Ave
N Skidmore Interstate Williams
N St Louis Ivanhoe Fessenden
N Tomahawk Is Dr Jantzen Beach Ave Lotus Beach Dr
N Vancouver Ave Schmeer Columbia Blvd
N Vancouver Way Marine Dr MLK Jr
N Weidler Broadway Williams
N Wheeler Williams Multnomah
N Whitaker Rd I-5 Schmeer
N Willamette Blvd Alta Portland Blvd
N Williams Broadway Wheeler
N Willis Blvd Portsmouth Peninsular
NE 102nd Sandy Burnside
NE 122nd Marine Dr Burnside
NE 12th Lloyd Blvd Burnside
NE 132nd San Rafael Halsey
NE 148th Marine Dr Burnside
NE 15th Lombard 16th Dr
NE 162nd Halsey Barr
NE 162nd Sandy San Rafael
NE 16th Dr 15th Lloyd Blvd
NE 181st Airport Way City Border
NE 24th Broadway Weidler
NE 28th Broadway Burnside
NE 33rd Ave Lombard Sandy
NE 33rd Dr Marine Dr Lombard
NE 39th Broadway Burnside
NE 47th Cornfoot Columbia
NE 57th Cully Halsey
NE 60th Halsey Burnside
NE 6th Dr Marine Dr Vancouver Way
NE Airport Way Air Cargo Rd 181st
NE Alderwood Columbia 82nd
NE Broadway Williams Sandy
NE Columbia Blvd Williams Killingsworth
NE Cornfoot Rd 47th Alderwood
NE Cully Blvd 57th Columbia
NE Dekum MLK Jr 15th
NE Fremont 102nd 122nd
NE Fremont MLK Jr 57th
NE Glisan 60th East City Border
NE Grand MLK Jr Burnside
NE Halsey 57th 60th
NE Halsey 74th 162nd
NE Killingsworth Williams I-205
NE Lloyd Blvd 1st Ave 16th Dr
NE Lombard Williams NE 42nd
NE Lombard Pl Lombard Columbia
NE MLK Jr Blvd Marine Dr Burnside
NE Multnomah Williams 16th Dr
NE Portland Blvd Williams MLK Jr
NE Portland Hwy 42nd Killingsworth
NE Prescott 33rd Sandy
NE San Rafael 122nd 132nd
NE Sandy Blvd Burnside 162nd
NE Skidmore Williams MKL Jr
NE Vancouver Way Vancouver Ave Marine Dr
NE Walker 6th Dr Vancouver Way
NE Weidler Halsey 113th
NE 74th Burnside Halsey
NE 82nd Airport Way Burnside
NE Weidler Williams 24th
NW 10th Lovejoy Burnside
NW 11th Hoyt Burnside
NW 14th Thurman Burnside
NW 16th Thurman Burnside
NW 19th Marshall Lovejoy
NW 1st Glisan Burnside
NW 21st Nicolai Vaughn
NW 21st Vaughn Burnside
NW 23rd Vaughn Burnside
NW 26th Vaughn Thurman
NW 27th Vaughn Thurman
NW 29th Yeon Nicolai
NW 35th Yeon St Helens Rd
NW 4th Glisan Burnside
NW 61st Front Culebra
NW 9th Naito Lovejoy
NW Balboa Culebra St Helens
NW Broadway Lovejoy Burnside
NW Broadway Bridge    
NW Culebra 61st Balboa
NW Doane Front St Helens
NW Everett I-405 1st
NW Front West End 15th
NW Front-Yeon Ramp Front Yeon
NW Glisan I-405 3rd
NW Hoyt 11th 10th
NW Lovejoy 23rd Broadway
NW Marshall 19th 16th
NW Naito Pkwy 15th Burnside
NW Nicolai Wardway Front
NW Overton 23rd 9th
NW Skyline Germantown Cornell
NW Skyline Greenleaf Burnside
NW St Helens Rd W. City Border Nicolai
NW Steel Bridge    
NW Thurman 27th 21st
NW Vaughn Wardway 23rd
NW Wardway Vaughn Nicolai
NW Yeon St Helens Nicolai
SE 102nd Burnside Cherry Blossom
SE 103rd 102nd Cherry Blossom
SE 111th Holgate Foster
SE 112th Cherry Blossom Holgate
SE 11th Sandy Powell
SE 122nd Burnside Foster
SE 12th Burnside 11th
SE 130th Market Mill
SE 134th Foster Blackberry
SE 136th Division Foster
SE 13th Bybee Tacoma
SE 148th Burnside Powell
SE 162nd Stark Powell
SE 174th Stark South City Border
SE 17th Powell McLoughlin
SE 17th Milwaukie South City Border
SE 20th Burnside Hawthorne
SE 26th Division Holgate
SE 26th Morrison Belmont
SE 27th Bybee Crystal Springs
SE 28th Burnside Stark
SE 28th Holgate Bybee
SE 30th Stark Hawthorne
SE 39th Burnside Crystal Springs
SE 45th Crystal Springs Harney
SE 50th Hawthorne Powell
SE 52nd Powell Harney
SE 60th Burnside Division
SE 67th Holgate Foster
SE 72nd Powell Holgate
SE 72nd Woodstock Flavel
SE 76th Burnside Stark
SE 7th Sandy Division
SE 82nd Burnside South City Border
SE 8th Division Powell
SE 92nd Stark Flavel
SE 96th Washington Division
SE Belmont 20th 60th
SE Belmont Morrison Bridge 12th
SE Bybee 13th 28th
SE Cherry Blossom 102nd 112th
SE Clay Water 12th
SE Crystal Springs 27th 45th
SE Deardorff Rd Blackberry South City Border
SE Division 3rd East City Border
SE Division Pl 3rd Division
SE Flavel 52nd 92nd
SE Foster Rd 50th East City Border
SE Grand Burnside McLoughlin
SE Gilham Burnside Thorburn
SE Harney 45th 52nd
SE Hawthorne Blvd 12th 50th
SE Hawthorne Blvd Hawthorne Bridge 11th
SE Hawthorne Bridge    
SE Holgate McLoughlin Foster
SE Jenne Rd Foster East City Border
SE Madison Madison Bridge 12th
SE Main Millmain East City Border
SE Market 112th 130th
SE McLoughlin Blvd Grand South City Border
SE Mill 130th Millmain
SE Millmain Dr Mill Main
SE Milwaukie Blvd Powell 17th
SE MLK Jr Blvd Burnside Grand
SE Morrison Morrison Bridge 26th
SE Morrison Bridge    
SE Powell Blvd Bridge East City Border
SE Ross Island Bridge    
SE Sandy Blvd Burnside 7th
SE Sellwood Bridge    
SE Stark 28th 30th
SE Stark Thorburn 162nd
SE Stark Water 12th
SE Tacoma Bridge McLoughlin
SE Taylor Water MLK Jr
SE Thorburn Gilham Stark
SE Washington Thorburn 109th
SE Water Morrison MLK Jr
SE Woodstock Blvd 28th Foster
SE Yamhill Water MLK Jr
SW 10th Burnside Market
SW 11th Burnside Market
SW 13th Alder I-405
SW 15th Burnside Alder
SW 18th Burnside Hwy 26
SW 23rd Burnside Vista
SW 30th B H Hwy Capitol Hwy
SW 35th Taylors Ferry Stephenson
SW 3rd Broadway Arthur
SW 45th Vermont Multnomah
SW 49th Capitol Hwy South City Border
SW 4th Burnside Broadway
SW 6th Broadway Terwilliger
SW Alder 15th 13th
SW Alder 4th Bridge
SW Arnold 35th Boons Ferry
SW Arthur 3rd Kelly
SW Bancroft Macadam Bond
SW Barbur Blvd West City Border 4th
SW Beaverton Hillsdale HWY West City Border Capitol Hwy
SW Bond Bancroft Moody
SW Boones Ferry Rd Terwilliger South City Border
SW Broadway Dr Burnside Vista
SW Broadway Dr Vista Broadway
SW Capitol Hwy 49th Barbur
SW Clay US 26 On-ramp I-5 Off-ramp
SW Columbia 4th Naito Pkwy
SW Columbia Jefferson Broadway
SW Corbett I-405 Hwy 26
SW Curry Macadam Bond
SW Dosch Rd Patton B H Hwy
SW Fairmont Talbot Marquam Hill
SW Gibbs Macadam Bond
SW Gibbs Sam Jackson Marquam Hill
SW Harrison Broadway Naito
SW Huber Capitol Hwy 35th
SW Jefferson 4th Naito
SW Jefferson Hwy 26 Broadway
SW Kelly Arthur Hwy 26
SW Macadam I-5 South City Border
SW Madison 4th Bridge
SW Market US 26 Off-ramp I-5 On-ramp
SW Marquam Hill Rd Gibbs Fairmont
SW Meade Kelly Corbett
SW Moody Bond River Pkwy
SW Multnomah Blvd Shattuck I-5
SW Naito Parkway Burnside Barbur
SW Oak Burnside Naito Pkwy
SW Patton Rd Shattuck Vista
SW Pomona Barbur Capitol Hwy
SW River Pkwy Harbor Way Moody
SW Salmon 20th Naito
SW Sam Jackson Pkwy Terwilliger Gibbs
SW Shattuck Rd Patton Vermont
SW Skyline Burnside Hwy 26
SW Stark Burnside Naito Pkwy
SW Stephenson Rd 35th Boons Ferry
SW Sunset Blvd Dosch Capitol Hwy
SW Sunset Highway - US-26    
SW Talbot Patton Vista
SW Taylor 18th Naito
SW Taylors Ferry Rd 35th Macadam
SW Vista 23rd Broadway Dr
SW Washington 4th Bridge
SW Market Vista 18th
SW Terwilliger Blvd 6th Capitol Hwy
SW Terwilliger Blvd Barbur Boons Ferry
W Burnside Burnside Bridge Skyline
W Burnside Bridge    
W Vermont Shattuck Capitol Hwy