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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Trees

Call before you cut

phone: (503) 823-TREE (8733)


1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201

Tree Problems

How do I report a tree problem?

Tree emergencies - Call Urban Forestry at 503-823-TREE (8733) to report a street tree emergency. Emergency dispatchers are available 24/7

Tree problems in parks - click here

All other tree problems - call 503-823-TREE (8733) or submit an online reporting form


What kind of tree problems will the City respond to?

Street and park tree emergencies

  • Tree or large tree branch blocking the street or sidewalk, too large for you to safely move out of the way
  • Street tree suddenly split (fresh, white sapwood visible in a deep crack in the trunk, or where the main branches attach to the trunk)
  • Street tree or park tree suddenly leaning (cracks may appear in the soil if the tree starts to uproot)
  • Large hanging limb over street or sidewalk


  • Tree removal without a permit
  • Tree topping
  • Neighbor's street tree hangs low over the street or sidewalk (branches should provide 7.5 feet of clearance over sidewalks and 11 feet of clearance over streets)
  • Neighbor's street tree is dead, dying, or dangerous
  • Neighbor's private tree is dead or an imminent hazard

What tree problems will the City not respond to?


What happens after I report a tree problem?

Learn about the emergency response procedure

If the tree problem is in a park, crews will be dispatched to mitigate the problem. 

If the tree problem is not in a park, Urban Forestry staff will investigate whether the situation is a code violation. If a violation is found, the property owner will be contacted to mitigate the violation. Learn more about correcting tree code violations.


Report a tree problem in a park