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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Trees

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Creating a Tree Inventory and Tree Plan

There are specific requirements regarding what to show on your Tree Plan. Click on the Tree Plan Requirements handout below to see what is required for your project. Trees required to be shown on your Tree Plan are the same trees that must be included in your Tree Inventory. The purpose of the Inventory Worksheet is to:

  • Inventory all the applicable trees for your project
  • Describe how those trees will be impacted
  • Indicate which trees will be preserved or removed
  • Describe how preserved trees will be protected
  • Detail the mitigation requirements for your project
In some cases your project's City Tree Inspector will fill out this sheet. For large-scale projects, you may be required to hire a consulting arborist. In that case, the consulting arborist will fill out the tree inventory. The City Tree Inspector must concur with the consulting arborist regarding trees determined to be exempt because they are dead, dying, dangerous, or nuisance species trees and for modifications to root protection zones. A project narrative that justifies exemptions and modifications may be required.