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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Trees

Call before you cut

phone: (503) 823-TREE (8733)


1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201

Tree Preservation Inspections

Whether you choose the Prescriptive Path or Performance Path to protect your trees during construction, the tree and the root protection zone must be installed and a Tree Preservation Inspection conducted before any ground-disturbing activity. 

Tree Preservation Inspection

If you are preserving trees on your site, you must call for your Tree Preservation Inspection before any ground-disturbing activity. Tree Preservation Inspections use the code 507. An Urban Forestry Tree Inspector will come out to the site to ensure that root protection fencing is properly installed as marked on the site plans that are on-site. This inspection can be called in through IVR except Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) permits must be requested by calling Urban Forestry (503) 823-8733. 507 inspections can be requested for AM or PM. If you don’t know how to call in an inspection go here.

Download the tree root protection zone sign

Post-construction maintenance

After construction activities are completed, remove the root protection zone barriers and inspect the tree(s). Mulch, prune, irrigate, and fertilize as necessary. Keep a regular inspection schedule for 3 to 5 years after construction to determine ongoing maintenance needs and possible changes in condition. Apply for a removal permit for trees that are in irreversible decline. Keep the tree(s) mulched, but make sure that mulch does not touch the tree trunk.

Protecting your tree throughout its lifetime

Weed and mulch around trees to establish a grass-free area. Keep mowers and weed trimmers away from tree trunks to avoid damage to the bark. Protect tree limbs and trunks from damage during home maintenance and repair projects. Avoid contaminating the soil with gasoline, paint, oil, paint thinner, etc. Avoid soil compaction: do not drive, park, or pave over the root protection zone. Remember to expand the root protection zone as the tree grows.

Additional Information

For more information, download Oregon State University Extension’s Tree Protection on Construction and Development Sites manual (pdf).