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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Trees

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phone: (503) 823-TREE (8733)


1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201

What is a street tree?

What is a street tree?

A street tree is any tree that is growing in the City right-of-way, whether in improved (between the sidewalk and the curb) or unimproved (no sidewalk and/or curb) right-of-way.

How do I determine if a tree is a street tree or a private property tree?

Many street trees are in the planting strip between the sidewalk and the curb. Most trees within 12 feet of the roadway (paved or unpaved) are street trees.

To determine if a tree in an alleyway or unimproved street is a street tree:
1) Go to
2) Type in the address, or navigate to your location on the map.
3) Click on the airplane icon at the top to turn on the aerial photo view.
4) Determine if the tree is inside or outside of the yellow lot line. If it is inside (or mostly inside) the line, then it is a private property tree. 

If the tree is partially on private property and partially in the right-of-way, how do I determine if it is a street tree or a private property tree?

A tree that straddles a private property line and the street is a street tree.