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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Trees

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1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201

Nuisance Tree List

The Portland Plant List is comprised of two lists and supporting information: the Native Plants List and the Nuisance Plants List. Both plant lists are integral to the City of Portland’s natural resource protection program and invasive species management strategy. The plants identified on the Nuisance Plants List are prohibited from being planted within the Environmental Overlay Zone, Greenway Overlay Zone, and the Pleasant Valley Natural Resources Overlay Zone. Click here to find your zoning. In addition, species on the Nuisance Plant List cannot be planted as street trees or be installed in City required landscaping areas. 

Trees on the Nuisance Plants List:

Norway maple                                          Acer platanoides

Sycamore maple                                      Acer pseudoplatanus

Horse chestnut                                         Aesculus hippocastanum

Tree-of-heaven                                        Ailanthus altissima

Cutleaf birch                                            Betula pendula

English hawthorn                                     Crataegus monogyna

English holly                                            Ilex aquifolium

Golden chain tree                                    Laburnum watereri

Empress/princess tree                            Paulownia tomentosa

White poplar                                           Populus alba

Sweet cherry                                          Prunus avium

English laurel                                         Prunus laurocerasus

Black locust                                           Robinia pseudoacacia

European mountain ash                       Sorbus aucuparia

Siberian elm                                         Ulmus pumila