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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

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Climate variability

Northwest climate will continue to experience annual and seasonal variability, even as the long-term climate shifts (Click image for National Climate Assessment).

Future Northwest climate

Climate models project a warmer future Northwest with drier summers, wetter winters and heavier rainfall during storm events (Click image for Climate Change in the Northwest report).

Meeting future water demand

Portland’s water system is expected to continue meeting customer needs into the future, based on 30-year population and demand projections.

Planning for summer supply

The Bull Run reservoirs draw down during the summer. Fall and spring rains are important for reservoir refill (Click image for Summer Supply Planning information).

Portland's groundwater supply increases climate resilience

The city's backup groundwater supply increases the water system’s resilience to climate change (Click image for groundwater information).

Portland's rain-fed water supply

Portland’s primary drinking water supply in the Bull Run Watershed depends mostly on rain rather than snow, making it more resilient to warming temperatures.

Portland's water demand is decreasing

Total water use decreased an average 1% per year while population grew an average 2% per year since 2003 (Click for demand and consumption history).

Snow and future stream temperatures

Snow keeps stream temperatures cold for salmon. Warmer temperatures could lead to less snow in the Bull Run Watershed in the future.