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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

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City of Portland Protections

In February 2010, the Portland City Council adopted Ordinance No. 183540 that amended City Code Chapter 21.36 and established the boundaries of the Bull Run Watershed Closure Area (Closure Area), including City and U.S. Forest Service lands within the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit (BRWMU) and City lands adjacent to the western edge of the unit. The City Code amendments applied formal protections to city-owned lands within the BRWMU that would be consistent with neighboring federal lands.

The City Code was amended by Ordinance No. 186839 in October 2014 to include Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands within the BRWMU, adopt an updated map incorporating BLM lands into the Closure Area, and update the enforcement section of the City Code.

The City Code establishes the following protections:

  • Formally close city-owned lands both within and adjacent to the BRWMU to public entry and establishes trespass penalties to assist in enforcement of the closure.
  • Enable Water Bureau security staff to issue citations for trespass on Forest Service and BLM land within the management unit. 
  • Prohibit tree cutting on city lands within the BRWMU in the same manner established by Congress for federal lands in the Oregon Resource Conservation and Little Sandy Protection Acts. These laws established exceptions to allow tree cutting when it is necessary to protect drinking water quality, drinking water supply, or the hydroelectric system.  
  • Prohibit residential, commercial or industrial development on city-owned lands within or adjacent to the BRWMU.  
  • Require the Water Bureau to publish a quarterly list of capital projects and regular maintenance activities within the BRWMU that are in process or in the planning stages. 
  • Prohibit the transfer of critical Bull Run water system assets to any private or public entity.

Closure Area Map

Updated: October 2014