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Washington Park Reservoir Improvement Project

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  • Upper Reservoir - Pump House View The new reservoir is engineered to withstand ongoing landslide encroachment and seismic events.

  • Serving Portland Since 1895 When completed, the new reservoir will provide service for at least another 100 years.

  • Lower Reservoir 4 - Downtown View A lowland wildlife habitat area, bio-swale, and reflecting pool will be constructed.

  • Supplying Water to Portland's West Side Serving more than 360,000 people, 20 schools, three hospital complexes, 60 parks, and major attractions.

  • Upper Reservoir 3 - Grand Staircase View The new reservoir, in the footprint of the historic Reservoir 3 (upper), features a reflecting pool at ground level.

  • Washington Park Reservoir Improvement Project A new 12.4-million gallon, seismically reinforced underground reservoir.

  • Lower Reservoir 4 - Powerhouse View Existing Reservoir 4 (lower) will be disconnected from the public drinking water system.

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Updated: January 15, 2019

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What's Happening Now 

This month the new reservoir began to rise from the floor of the excavation. The first concrete slab poured is located in the northeast corner near Gatehouse 3 (see photo below). This is  the first of 12 floor slab sections  that will be constructed.

Each floor slab section is being poured in a single day. There will be 30-40 days between the concrete placement of the first four slab sections. Pour frequency will increase after that as the walls, columns, and roof are poured atop completed slab sections.  While it is anticipated that there will be several days between pours, there may be limited short term cases where concrete pours will occur daily.

Drilled shaft work will continue for a few more months, moving west toward SW Sherwood Blvd.

Delivery route

The construction site is tightly constrained with extremely limited space to maneuver once the pouring begins on slab sections. Because of this, it is essential to have multiple routes for delivery of concrete so that truck can access specific locations.

Trucks are allowed to come into the site by the following routes:

  • Off SW Jefferson St. into the jobsite
  • Off W Burnside to SW Tichner to Marconi to Sacajawea to Lewis Clark Way and into the jobsite
  • Up SW Park Place, around Lewis Clark Way and into the jobsite
  • Down the Madison Trail as needed.

To see photos and learn more about activities on site over the past month, check out the monthly update HERE.

NIGHT WORK, December 2018 - November 2019 (more information HERE)

Due to the size and volume of concrete needed, deliveries will begin in the early morning, in some cases as early as 2:30 am and will continue through the day, with new concrete trucks arriving approximately every 3 - 5 minutes. Concrete deliveries should be completed before 6 pm but on site work will continue beyond that time to complete the finishing work.

Did You Know?

For a penny you get about 1.5 gallons of great Portland tap water. Compare that to the cost of bottled water. What a wonderful value!

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