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Project Overview

The Portland Water Bureau is rebuilding the Washington Park reservoirs, a project that continues through 2024.  Washington Park reservoirs have been in service since 1894. When completed, this project will supply water to Portland’s west side and serve more than 360,000 people, including all downtown businesses and residents, 20 schools, five hospital complexes, and more than 60 parks. This system of water conveyance and storage makes Portland a livable, and thriving community, ensuring public health and economic viability.  

Project Background

This project is building a new 12.4-million gallon, seismically reinforced below ground reservoir, within the footprint of the existing Reservoir 3 (upper) with a reflection pool/water feature on top. While retaining the historic look and feel of the original reservoir, it has been engineered to withstand ongoing landside encroachment and potentially catastrophic effects of a major earthquake.

The existing Reservoir 4 (lower) is disconnected from the public drinking water system and is being developed into a lowland wildlife habitat area, bioswale, and reflecting pool.

Over all Schedule

Construction started Sept.12, 2016 and will proceed through 2020. A pause is scheduled to occur from 2020 to 2022 to allow soils to settle. From 2022 to 2024, construction of interpretive features, including the two reflecting pools and surface features, will conclude the project. For a schedule of current activities see Developments of Note.

Frequently Asked Questions

Area map with detours

Washington Park Reconstruction Schedule

Project construction will proceed through 2019. A pause is scheduled to occur from 2020 to 2022 to allow soils to consolidate to reduce any vertical movement. From 2022 to 2024, construction of interpretive features, including the two reflecting pools and surface features, will conclude the project.
Maps of Park Impacts: Sept. 12, 2016 - March 2018

ACTIVITY Starting September 12, 2016 and lasting for 12 to 18 months (March 2018), major earthwork will occur along with the construction of shoring walls and the new underground reservoir.

Click here to access a Map of Park Impacts: September 12, 2016 - March 2018.
Work during this stage will cause temporary impacts to traffic, parking, and TriMet bus service. Later stages of the project with have varying impacts. Park users are encouraged to move safely around the park and its attractions. Please watch carefully for detours and signage and follow direction from flaggers.


  • SW Sacajawea Boulevard will be completely closed to all vehicle and bike traffic and pedestrian use from the intersection of SW Sacajawea Boulevard/SW Rose Park Road/SW Wright Road to SW Park Place.
  • SW Sherwood Boulevard will be closed to all vehicle and bike traffic and pedestrian use from SW Sacajawea Boulevard to the soccer field.
  • SW Sherwood Boulevard will be closed to all vehicle traffic from the soccer field to SW Kingston Avenue.


  • SW Sherwood Boulevard sidewalk will remain open for pedestrian use and bike traffic from SW Kingston Avenue to the soccer field.
  • Tour buses, the free park shuttle, and Portland Parks & Recreation maintenance vehicles will be allowed access onto SW Sherwood Boulevard at SW Kingston Drive for turnaround at the soccer field.


  • The flow of traffic will be reversed on SW Lewis Clark Way. One-way traffic will travel SW Lewis Clark Way and exit the park on SW Park Pl.


  • A designated path separate from vehicles will be available on SW Lewis Clark Way. Pedestrians and cyclists can use the path to travel both in and out of the park on SW Lewis Clark Way. Cyclists are required to walk and not ride bicycles on the path. 


  • All parking spaces will be closed on SW Sacajawea Blvd., SW Sherwood Blvd, and SW Lewis Clark Way.


  • Bus Line 63 - Washington Park/Arlington Heights will be detoured.
  • The following stops will be closed:
    • 6177 - SW Sacajawea & Sherwood Blvds.
    • 4346 - SW Park Pl. & Lewis & Clark Way in Portland Westbound
    • 4343 - SW Park Pl. and Green Westbound

PARK ENTRANCES & EXITS The following park entrances and exits will be available September 12, 2016 to March 2018:

  • W Burnside Rd. to SW Tichner Dr.
  • SW Fairview Blvd. to SW Knights Blvd.
  • SW Canyon Rd. to SW Knights Blvd.


  • SW Tichner Dr. to W Burnside Rd.
  • SW Fairview Blvd. to SW Knights Blvd. 
  • SW Lewis Clark Way to SW Park Pl.
  • SW Knights Blvd. to SW Canyon Rd.

PARK ATTRACTIONS During the project, the following park attractions near the project work site will remain open:

  • Amphitheater
  • Children’s Playground**
  • International Rose Test Garden
  • Elephant House**
  • Soccer Field**

**Pedestrian and cycle access only; no unauthorized vehicles will be permitted on SW Sherwood Blvd.
To check availability and reserve facilities in Washington Park, visit the Portland Parks & Recreation’s online facility reservation system or call 503-823-PLAY (7529).