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Hannah Mason Pump Station (Willamette Park)

  • Century-Old Pump Station The original Fulton Pump Station was built in 1912 as a one room pump house. It is located on SW Nevada Street, between SW Macadam Avenue and SW Virginia Avenue.

  • Fulton Pump Station Helps Supply Drinking Water to a Large Portion of SW Portland The 101-year old pump station is at maximum capacity of 12-million gallons per day (MGD). Future needs require a pump station with a maximum capacity of 18 MGD.

  • Exterior Concept of New Pump Station Blends into the Natural Landscape A Project Advisory Committee, comprised of local neighborhood associations, businesses and park users, worked with architects and City staff to discuss the exterior of the facility and choose design elements.

  • Planning for the Future The replacement Fulton Pump Station will ensure the Portland Water Bureau’s ability to satisfy future service requirements and fire flows.

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Project Overview

On March 19, 2011, the Portland Water Bureau unveiled the proposed design of its new drinking water pump station to be built in Willamette Park during a public open house. The community was invited to view the facility's architectural design and landscaping plans. The exterior concept is to let the building quietly express the context of the park while blending in to the natural landscape.

A nine-member citizen Project Advisory Committee (PAC) met over a three month period with project architects and staff from Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) and the Portland Water Bureau to choose and refine design elements for the exterior of the facility. The PAC also advised on a landscaping plan that will complement the park. In addition to the huge pumps needed to convey water up to many southwest neighborhoods, the building will house a new larger public restroom and park equipment storage area.

In 2009, staff from PP&R and the Portland Water Bureau sought the opinions of area neighborhood associations, businesses, park users and the public about siting options for rebuilding the city's century old Fulton Pump Station, located in a residential area on SW Nevada Street, between Macadam Avenue and Virginia Avenue. Participants supported siting the new facility in nearby Willamette Park.

The project funding is from a combination of revenue bond sales, water sales revenue, and other construction fund revenues such as system development charges and interest earnings. Total project cost: $15,090,000.

The existing Fulton Pump Station will remain in operational status for a minimum of two years after the Hannah Mason Pump Station is complete and operational.


Following the completion of a five month long public involvement process in February 2009, Portland Water Bureau and PP&R staff drafted a Recommendation Report that called for building the replacement pump station in Willamette Park as the best option for the public.

The Portland Water Bureau then began to conduct survey work inside the park in order to provide the required legal description of the exact site for an agreement between PP&R and the Water Bureau. Portland Water Bureau staff worked with PP&R to review survey results, examined any potential barriers to the proposed siting locations (such as trees, recreational use, etc.) and ascertained the preferred locations for siting the station and staging equipment and materials during the construction phase.

The New Pump Station

The new facility will be named after Hannah Mason, a philanthropist, landowner, and widow of an early Portland mayor, William S. Mason. At the time of her passing in 1908 she owned the majority of the land on which Willamette Park sits today.

The new pump station will house five pumps, public restrooms, park equipment storage, and will complement the park with a subtle design meant to blend into the surrounding landscape.

Project Construction

Construction for the project will involve work at the Fulton Pump Station site, the Hannah Mason Pump Station site in Willamette Park, and pipe work in the area including along SW Nevada St and SW Macadam Avenue. Work will began in early March 2015 and is expected to be complete by autumn of 2016. The Water Bureau is working in close conjunction with Portland Parks & Recreation and other local agencies to coordinate this project with ongoing operations and other projects in the area. We will keep neighbors, local businesses and other stakeholders updated as work progresses.

What to Expect During Construction

  • Typical construction hours are 7a.m. to 6p.m., Monday through Friday, and with work taking place on Saturdays as needed. Occasional night work and traffic restrictions on SW Macadam Avenue and SW Nevada Avenue are expected throughout the project.
  • Occasional construction may close the northbound and southbound lanes of SW Macadam Avenue to one lane. Expect delays and potential detours.
  • Businesses and residents  near the project may experience occasional low water pressure and  interrupted water service during construction. Crews will notify all affected properties whenever possible.
  • There may be sidewalk closures during work near the intersections at SW Nevada Street and Macadam Avenue.
  • There will be periods of inactivity.
  • On-street parking on SW Nevada Street may be prohibited periodically where marked along the street.
  • There will be temporary trail, bike path, and entrance closures in Willamette Park.
  • Equipment and materials may be stored in the work area and on nearby streets overnight. Expect limited parking.
  • The contractor will maintain local access to homes and businesses on SW Nevada Street and near      the intersection of SW Macadam Avenue.
  • There are numerous projects in the area that could also cause traffic disruptions:

Let us know if you have concerns such as business operations or deliveries, access for people with disabilities, or medical deliveries.To receive e-mail updates for this project, send an email to Sam Beresky:

Additional Information

For information about this project, contact Sam Beresky at JLA Public Involvement:

• During business hours: 503-235-5881
• 24/7 Project Hotline: 503-781-8365

Hannah Mason Pump Station Fact Sheet

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as the Portland Water Bureau works to improve the city's century old water system.

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