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Land Use Review

The City of Portland is constructing a second drinking water reservoir on Powell Butte. This reservoir will help provide sufficient drinking water storage capacity to meet the anticipated growth in demand for water due to population projections, for fire suppression and emergency response, and to offset the possible loss of the City's five open reservoirs that may need to be disconnected from the water system.

Development at Powell Butte is governed by a 2003 Master Plan that approved development including construction of a new underground water reservoir, water system components, and park improvements.  The current application seeks relatively modest amendments to the prior approval, as specific footprints of various features have been refined via analysis of wetlands, etc. and with input from a sustained public input process.

In order to amend the 2003 Powell Butte Master Plan, to gain approval of the proposed project elements in the environmental zones, and to Adjust the Master Plan development standards, the applicant requests the following approvals:

  1. Type III Conditional Use Master Plan Amendment (CU MS) to reflect revised plans for Park Center components, stormwater facilities, and the updated Trail Master Plan;
  2. Type II Environmental (EN) Review using existing Master Plan criteria to construct the amended plan components (from 1, above) and construct other Master Plan components (such as Reservoir #2 and Conduit 5); and
  3. Type II Adjustment (AD) Review using Adjustment criteria (33.805, as directed by Master Plan) to address needed adjustments to Master Plan development standards.

Land Use Review information for LU 13-159585 EN

These documents for an environmental Land Use Review (LUR) are offered on the Portland Water Bureau's website as a courtesy to the public. They are not the official application. Although the bureau worked to ensure that there are no discrepancies, it does not guarantee that these documents are identical to those in the official case file. Only the documents in the official case file will present the information that is being reviewed in case number LU 13-159585 EN.

If there are any discrepancies between these documents and the official file, the official file is the accurate representation of the Portland Water Bureau proposal and application. Only the official file is being considered by Land Use Review case number LU 13-159585 EN.

The land use review is case number # LU 10-169463 CUMS EN AD

Land Use Staff Report & Recommendations to the Hearings Officer 

Notice of Public Hearing Proposal in Your Neighborhood

This website provides links to the documents the Water Bureau has submitted to apply for these approvals.

Support Documents

Application for Land Use Review #LU 10-169463 CUMS EN AD

This is the signed application form

LUR Proposal Narrative

This is the written proposal including the Water Bureau's description of how the approval criteria are being addressed. It also contains the project addenda, such as the Construction Management Plan and Traffic Study

LUR Addenda and Responses

The Bureau of Development Services identified additional information that was needed in order to evaluate the proposal. This document contains the Water Bureau's written responses to BDS. In addition, this document contains copies of the project addenda. It is a smaller file than the main proposal, and is therefore easier to download if the reader wants to focus on the addenda.


Section 1 - Index and Vicinity Map                                        Section 6 - Planting Plans

Section 2 - Existing Conditions                                             Section 7 - Construction Management

Section 3a - Proposed Development                                    Section 8 - Tree Protection and Removal

Section 3b - Utilities Stormwater and Entry Gate                 Section 9 - Wetlands and Figure 5-6

                                                                                            Excavation Quantities

Section 4 - Trails                                                                 

Section 5 - Grading and Drainage                                        Section 10 - Traffic Control

Further information is available from the Bureau of Development Services. If you wish to review the physical documents, please call 503-823-7617. Written comments should be submitted to the Bureau of Development Services Attention: Sylvia Cate and Stacey Castleberry at 1900 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 5000, Portland, OR 97201.

If you have questions about the project or what is in the land use application, please email