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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

Customer Service: 503-823-7770


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Report Service Problems

  • Has your water suddenly turned brown due to a nearby main break?
  • Has a fire in your neighborhood caused a loss in pressure due to extra demand?
  • Is a hydrant leaking?
  • Has a pipe broken at your property?
  • Is there water leaking in the street?
  • Do you want to report a water emergency (main break?) or have the Portland Water Bureau shut off your water due to a serious property side leak?

Call 503-823-4874 to report the location. 

This phone is answered 24-hours a day. On some occasions you may be asked to leave a message so an operator can return your call when the operator is responding to other calls. 

Freezing temperatures can challenge Portland's water system and your household's water pipes. Before freezing weather, identify where your shut off valve is. You may need to find it this winter. Most residential properties have a shut off valve located near the hot water heater in the basement or garage.

Water is much more likely to freeze in your household plumbing than at the meter. If water is running from any faucet, the meter is not frozen. Read more information about why pipes freeze, and what you can do to prevent your plumbing from freezing.