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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

Customer Service: 503-823-7770


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City of Portland—Social Media Terms of Use, Prohibited Content and Disclaimer

The “Water Blog” site is created by the Portland Water Bureau, a bureau of the City of Portland. If you’re looking for the official source of information about the Portland Water Bureau, please visit our homepage at

The Portland Water Bureau’s mission is to provide the highest quality water, customer service and stewardship of the critical infrastructure, fiscal, and natural resources entrusted to our care. We enhance public health and safety and contribute to the economic viability and livability of the Portland metropolitan region.  

The “Water Blog” is intended to serve as a mechanism for communication between the public and the Portland Water Bureau.

The City reserves the right to remove comments or postings on the “Water Blog” that violate any applicable laws or the City of Portland—Social Media Terms of Use, Prohibited Content and Disclaimer

Postings on the “Water Blog” are Public Records of the City of Portland and may be subject to disclosure under the Oregon Public Records Law.

The City does not endorse nor sponsor any advertising posted by the Social Media host on the Bureau’s Site, that the Social Media is a private Site and the privacy terms of that Site apply. The City does not guarantee reliability and accuracy of any third-party links, and the Bureau reserves the right to remove any conversation which is prohibited by the City of Portland- Social Media Terms of Use, Prohibited Content and Disclaimer.

Comments posted to the “Water Blog” will be monitored. The Portland Water Bureau reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments including those that have obscene language or sexual content, threaten or defame any person or organization, violate the legal ownership interest of another party, support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions, promote illegal activity, promote commercial services or products or are not topically related to the particular posting.

To request and obtain records from the Portland Water Bureau, please fill out the City of Portland’s Uniform Records Request and fax it to 503-823-6133 or e-mail to

For additional information, please review the City of Portland, Human Resources Administrative Rule 4.08(A) Social Media policy.