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Water Bureau Innovation Fund Proposal to Improve Communication with Portland’s Residents

The Portland Water Bureau has successfully submitted a proposal to the City of Portland’s Innovation Fund.

The City of Portland Innovation Fund is designed to provide seed money for one-time investments that will encourage new, creative ideas to reduce ongoing expenses, increase revenues, create efficiencies, and provide improved services to the City’s internal and external customers.

The Innovation Fund Review panel recently selected 12 project proposals to recommend to Council for funding in Fiscal Year 2014-15. 

The Water Bureau’s Water Quality Map Widget proposal, submitted by Water Bureau Water Quality Information Program Manager Scott Bradway, is one of the 12 project proposals selected. 

The Innovation Fund will allow the Water Bureau and the Bureau of Technology Services to develop an online and mobile-enhanced, map-based tool, called Portland Works.

Screen shot of a similar tool used by Severn Trent Water in the UK.This map-based tool will provide Portland residents a comprehensive view of City projects happening near their homes, places of business, or schools. This will also allow the Water Bureau, and other interested bureaus, to communicate to residents in real time about either planned or emergency projects or issues. Examples of situations that could be included in the tool are water system issues, sewer work, road construction, development, or park projects.

The tool will allow the Water Bureau, and other participating bureaus, to be more effective and responsive to Portland residents.

At the January 14 City Council meeting, the Office of Management and Finance sought and received approval for funding of the proposed Innovation Fund projects.


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