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NW Skyline Blvd (South of 11525 NW Willalatin Rd.) - SOLD

NW Skyline Blvd - street view (South of 11525 NW Willalatin Rd.)

NW Skyline Blvd - aerial photo (South of 11525 NW Willalatin Rd.)

The City of Portland Water Bureau owns the property located south of 11525 NW Willalatin Road. The Water Bureau no longer needs the property for on-going operations.

ADDRESS  (Linked to Google Map) South of 11525 NW Willalatin Rd, Portland, OR 97229
PORTLAND MAPS South of 11525 NW Willalatin Rd
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Site Details: The property contains no Water Bureau structures or water infrastructure.
Reason for Intent to Dispose: The Water Bureau no longer needs the property for on-going operations and it is excess to the bureau’s needs, except for ongoing maintenance.
Square footage: 2,711
Acres: 0.06
Tax ID #: R502525
County: Multnomah
Zone: Residential land
PROPERTY STATUS Stage 2 (see stage descriptions below)
APPRAISAL   None conducted.
CONDITIONS OF SALE Water Bureau: No action is needed by the Water Bureau prior to the closing of the sale.
Buyer: No action is needed by the buyer prior to the closing of the sale.
Other Conditions: None at this time.
Property Acquisition & Services Manager
Portland Water Bureau  
1  February 2015  April 15, 2015
Excess Property Letter 
Property Declared As Excess
The Portland Water Bureau determines the property and structures are no longer needed for on-going operations and are excess to the bureau’s needs.
2 April 25, 2016   May 2, 2016 Inter-Bureau Transfer or Sale
The Water Bureau property staff notifies the Real Property Coordinator that a specific property is excess to the bureau and sends specific property details. Within seven calendar days, written notification on its’ potential availability is sent to other City bureaus, including Council offices. City bureaus and City offices have 21 calendar days to indicate their interest.
3  None received None received  Extension Opportunity
Request for extension by a City Bureau.
4 May 11, 2016  August 3, 2016  Website Announcement
The available property for sale is identified on the Water Bureau's Surplus Property website:
5  June 29, 2016 August 10, 2016
Documents to be posted when released.
City Council Declares Property Surplus
After the bureaus have responded as having no interest, the Water Bureau shall prepare an ordinance to be placed on the Council’s regular agenda. The website will update the City’s Excess Real Property web page with notice of scheduled Council hearing within two weeks of scheduled Council hearing date.
6    August 10, 2016 City Ordinance to Declare Surplus
The ordinance must declare the real property surplus and authorize the bureau to proceed with a disposition. A description, any conditions imposed for disposition and reasons why the Water Bureau declares it excess and no longer needed and City Council is being requested to authorize disposition of the real property.
7  N/A - Category 1 Property  N/A - Category 1 Property Notice to Sale
Upon the effective date of a council Ordinance authorizing the sale, the Water Bureau may proceed to sell the surplus property, with or without a real estate agent, for an asking price determined to be reasonable by the bureau's real property staff. The Water Bureau and the Real Property Coordinator will update the City’s Excess Property web page with the sale and other disposition information.
8  N/A  N/A Property Listed
The Water Bureau will list the surplus property for sale with the Regional Multiple List Service (RMLS).
9  N/A  April 12, 2018 Property Sale
Surplus property is available for sale.

The Water Bureau will update this webpage as the property moves through the process.