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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Personal Safety Reminder: Warn Against Imposters

This afternoon, the City of Hillsboro notified the public of recent reports of individuals falsely identifying themselves as utility employees trying to gain entrance into people's homes by claiming they need to do work inside.

The Portland Water Bureau wants you to know that although Water Bureau employees may knock on your door to ask a few water-related questions, they will never ask to enter your home without a previous appointment.

The public is reminded of the following safety tips in situations like this:

* Do not open the door to someone you don't know.
* Ask for proper official identification.
* Look for a city utility vehicle.
* Call the police if you feel suspicious about someone at your door.
* Share information about suspicious people with your neighbors.
* Ask for the person's purpose for being there.
* Do not allow anyone unknown to enter your home without a bona fide prior appointment.

Portland Water Bureau employees always drive "E-plate" vehicles with logos and carry identification badges.

If someone knocks on your door claiming to be from the Portland Water Bureau, ask to see an ID badge and/or call and check with the Water Bureau at 503-823-4874.

A true employee will encourage, not resist, efforts made by a customer to confirm that they are legitimate. 

Terry Black
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