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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

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Water Cycle

2015 Cycle the Wellfield

On May 30, more than 50 cyclists joined the Portland Water Bureau and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council for the annual Cycle the Well Field event, a bicycle tour of Portland’s groundwater drinking water source.

Cyclists enjoyed a 16-mile ride through the city’s Groundwater Protection Area, learning how groundwater gives the city flexibility and reliability in its water supply and what members of the public can do to help protect this important resource.

One participant summed up the event well, saying, “I learned so much, and it has inspired me to discuss our water supply and safety with my neighbors.”

Test Your Groundwater Knowledge

1.  What percentage of Oregonians rely on groundwater for drinking water?
     A. 25%
     B. 48%
     C. 70%

2.  In what year did the Cities of Portland, Gresham and Fairview together institute a groundwater protection program?
     A. 1988
     B. 1970
     C. 1957

3.  How many feet is Portland’s deepest drinking water well?
     A. 430 feet
     B. 650 feet
     C. 870 feet

4.  The Columbia South Shore Well Field can produce up to __ million gallons a day of high-quality drinking water from __ wells.
     A. 75, 20
     B. 102, 27
     C. 150, 32

1. C; 2: A; 3: B; 4: B


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