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Vault Drawings

Vault Drawings include differences in installation settings, vault sizes, and b and c options for some where the piping has alternatives that may be needed due to setting.

* All vault drawings are intended to be used with P-855 General Vault Details and should not exclude P-855. Use of vault drawings with a c in the number indicate they are not preferred and may require approval before use.

General Vault Details and Meter Vaults
Drawing # Meter size, Type, Setting, Vault Size
P-855 General Vault Details* (includes CIV's, ladder, general notes)
P-856 Vault Ballast Fin
P-861 3" Compound Sidewalk 575
P-862 3" Compound Street 687
P-866 4" Compound Sidewalk 575
P-867 4" Compound Street 687
P-869 6" Compound Street 687
P-869b 6" Compound Street 687
P-869c 6" Compound Street 687
P-870 6" Compound Sidewalk 687
P-870b 6" Compound Sidewalk 687
P-870c 6" Compound Sidewalk 687
P-871 8" Compound Street 8-10-7
P-871b 8" Compound Street 8-10-7
P-871c 8" Compound Street 8-10-7
P-872 8" Compound Sidewalk 8-10-7
P-872b 8" Compound Sidewalk 8-10-7
P-872c 8" Compound Sidewalk 8-10-7
P-874 4" Combination Sidewalk 687
P-875 6" Combination Street 8-10-7
P-876 6" Combination Sidewalk 8-10-7
P-877 8" Combination Street 8-16-7
P-878 8" Combination Sidewalk 8-16-7
P-880 10" Combination Sidewalk 8-16-8