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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Ms. Haven's Class

Fourth graders at Boise-Eliot/Humbold School had a unique field trip to the watershed that focused on water and art. The Portland Water Bureau guides hundreds of students through the Bull Run each year to study water science and engineering. The Boise-Eliot/Humboldt field trips added a special mission: visit Bull Run and bring the experience back to Portland through art.

The special tour was designed for these students to experience the watershed through their five senses – even taste. Students took a silent walk through the forest; recorded sound from inside a dam; practiced photo yoga; and tasted an oxalis plant. Upon returning to school, they created the artwork on display in February 2016 in the City Hall atrium.



Aniya Lane

Healthy Water
It looks like good and healthy water.
It looks greener than the earth.
It looks like a clover.
Healthy Water


Apple-Madisyn Hudson

Bulls are Running
Trees in the sky
The first colors I saw
Blended the colors
with a splash of pink


Cedric Burton

My picture looks likes waves in someone's hair
and a fingerprint
it looks like mayonnaise on a sandwich and a zen garden 


Curtis'e Waters

Logs in the water
It looks like a pond
or a swimming pool
drink water
the dirt is like a motorcycle
it looks like a sun
a lot of trees in
he background
a lot of hills in the background.


Gigi (Giunia) Nathan

Clover & Web
I see water like floating drops
Reminds me of heart shape flowers and the water fairy
as a sparkling diamond on a blossoming clover
Clover & Web


Harlem Carter

Dam house
It looks like a houseboat
Reminds me of
Dam house


Jeremiah Childs

Holes in Logs
I see holes in the log in the log.
I like the texture of the holes.
It reminds me of a woodpecker.


Kayanna Lazenby

Sewer Holes
It looks like desert
Hard rocks
A little bit of water in the sewer holes
It can also have a little mud in it
I can also see two shadows.


Ke'o Shanae Givens

Bull Run Stairs\Leave
Leaves like little bugs
I see some trees.
It reminded me of forest park.
or when we rode on jet boats
we had a beautiful day.


Kevin McClinton

Forest has a lake and a few trees.
It reminds me of a keyhole.
The keyhole reminds me of the keyhole at home.
In the river, it has a reflection in the water.
In the background it has a little mountain.
smoke in the air like a volcano


Keymora Goldsby

glowing heart
story spot


Liliana Bautista-Chavez

It reminds me of going
hiking, the old days too, Whitaker Pond, and
a path, light shining on something you
lost, to a swamp, an animal face, and
a wolf on a tree.


Maylyn Govea

It reminds me of the beautiful jungles of Africa.
It reminds me of love because of the beautiful dew drops.
It reminds me of the Pacific ocean. 
It reminds me of crystals and of the amazing Antarctica


Mycah Fesser

like a swamp, and my dad’s belly button
like a cowboy hat or a football mouth guard it’s a ugly dirty hairy tongue
it’s a slimy water funnel
I’m a Mushroom


Nasia Fitz

I see grass
Like a painting
reminds of of a green carpet
As a dry grass on top, as a jungle for ants


Rickesha Williams-Hudson

"I chose this image because it's small and pretty it’s like the background is almost all green but some of it is brown, gray. it’s so cool and small it is like the smallest thing out there everything out there is dark but the  mushroom"

Stephanos Sheferaw

"I see branches. It looks good. I chose this image because its beautiful."