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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Ms. Smith's Class

Fourth graders at Boise-Eliot/Humbold School had a unique field trip to the watershed that focused on water and art. The Portland Water Bureau guides hundreds of students through the Bull Run each year to study water science and engineering. The Boise-Eliot/Humboldt field trips added a special mission: visit Bull Run and bring the experience back to Portland through art.

The special tour was designed for these students to experience the watershed through their five senses – even taste. Students took a silent walk through the forest; recorded sound from inside a dam; practiced photo yoga; and tasted an oxalis plant. Upon returning to school, they created the artwork on display in February 2016 in the City Hall atrium.



Angel Rojas-Salazar

“I see water and trees and grass. It looks like nature.”

Asad Brackett

"I chose this image because it is beautiful and wonderful and a masterpiece it is art it is life thank you world  thank you."

Betelihem Kumsa

"I see trees and the sky."


Crystal Roberts

“I choose this picture because it looks like a lonely purple dot”

Damarcus Brown, Jr.

"I see the mushroom . It looks like a shield that protects people from getting hurt in a fight."


Dayshawnaa Hudson

"I see a lot of plants."


Eduardo Diego-Juan

Fiala Kostrba-Matthews

I see lots of trees it looks like a forest and it's very shiny.

Kateri Satterfield

“I chose this picture because it look awesome and the way it is shaped it looks so cool."

Lauren Fields

Lydia Moise

"I see shadows under two logs and sunshine shining through"

Marshawn Lambert

"I see the sun shining. It looks like we are in a place trees are surrounding us."

Mauriana Hashemian-Orr

“I chose this image because the background and because the mold on the tree.”

Miquel Johnson

"I see a lake that looks dirty"

Precious Forbes

"I see clouds and trees it looks like half clouds and half clear sky."

Zamani Harris-Muldrew

"I chose this image because it is like a daddy long leg crawling across the moss the place is full of them."