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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Portland’s drinking water meets or surpasses all public health standards.

The Portland Water Bureau released its annual water quality report online. The federally-required report outlines how Portland is continuing to deliver clean and safe drinking water to nearly a million customers.

“Delivering safe and high-quality drinking water to our customers is the Water Bureau’s top priority,” said Water Bureau Director Michael Stuhr. “During this time of heightened interest in water quality, we encourage you to learn more about what goes into delivering safe water to your tap.”

The report highlights the steps Portland is taking to improve its seismic resilience and general information about Portland’s drinking water system. The report, which summarizes water quality results for 2015, outlines that Portland’s drinking water met or surpassed all public health standards.

Portland’s drinking comes from two high-quality sources – the clean, cold and protected water of the Bull Run Watershed and Columbia South Shore Well Field.

Among other information, the report indicates that less than 10 percent of high-risk homes tested have lead levels greater than the Environmental Protection Service’s action level of 15 parts per billion. These are homes where the plumbing is known to contain lead solder and represent a worst-case scenario for lead in water. The estimate of homes that have exceeded when you look at all of the homes tested by Portland, is approximately 3 percent.

The Portland Water Bureau system does not have lead pipes and our distribution system has never used lead service lines. The Portland Water Bureau has worked to remove known sources of lead from system.

Customers concerned about lead in water may wish to request a free lead-in-water test kit. These are available by contacting the LeadLine at 503-988-4000 or Since lead in water can come from faucets and brass fixtures as well as lead solder, testing their water is the easiest way to check for lead in their home plumbing. To learn more about reducing lead exposure, visit

The Portland Water Bureau mailed a postcard last week to inform every customer about the availability of the report online. Customers are able to request a paper copy, either online or by phone. The report is available in large font for the visually impaired. Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish and can be found online or by calling the Portland Water Bureau Water Line at 503-823-7525.

The report is available online at:


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