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Lewis Elementary Students Learn About the Bull Run Watershed

Lewis Elementary Second Graders Learn About Portland's Water System

On Tuesday, May 16, students in Ms. Brenan’s second grade class learned about Portland’s water system from our Maintenance and Construction Director Ty Kovatch.

The class had been studying watersheds and the importance of protecting them. The students learned about the Bull Run Watershed and how it supplies nearly one million people in our region with the best drinking water in the world.

The class was enthusiastic about what they learned, gaining great appreciation for how water makes it all the way from the forest to the faucets in their home, as well as to every fire hydrant in the city.

The class wrote about what they learned and also drew pictures for the Water Bureau.

Here are just a few of the thoughts they shared.

“I think there are better names for dams than Dam 1 and Dam 2.” — Shanti

“Thank you for sharing the pictures, especially the one with the main break and the boat going down the street.” — Lily

“I now know so much about water and cannot wait to share it with other people!” — Sylvie

“Now I will pay more attention to the Portland Water Bureau. I was really interested in how the Bull Run Watershed’s forest can filter the water we drink.” — Aurelio

“I hope you can come back when I’m in 3rd grade. It was so fun having you visit. I learned a lot about the water and where it comes from.” — Katie

“I am fascinated about how the Bull Run Watershed filters our water. I wonder why they named them Dam 1 and Dam 2?” — Lynn

“The water is so good that it tastes like the best liquid ever!!” — Drake

“We can’t live without water.” — Cate

“The Bull Run Watershed sounds amazing.  But there is one thing I am wondering about, how many gallons of water in one year?” — Anika


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