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Interim Steps to Reduce Risk

The compliance agreement between the Portland Water Bureau and the Oregon Health Authority includes a compliance schedule and interim actions to reduce the risks of Cryptosporidium.

Interim steps are the measures the Portland Water Bureau has agreed to take to reduce the risk of the public's exposure to Cryptosporidium until treatment is in place, that are at least as protective as the applicable conditions in the variance order.

The compliance agreement also establishes the required ongoing efforts necessary by the City to ensure public health until the filtration facility is completed. These efforts include continued source water monitoring, maintaining all existing watershed protections and inspection protocols, continued emergency response planning and preparation, and regular communications to water users about the status of water system and the planned treatment facility.

The bureau closely coordinated with Oregon Health Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency during the development of a proposed compliance schedule and interim measures to implement once the variance was revoked. The compliance agreement takes the place of the Bull Run Treatment Variance, which served as the City’s method of compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations regarding Cryptosporidium.

The main points of the agreement are to install filtration no later than Sep. 30, 2027, and in the meantime, the Portland Water Bureau will continue to:

Maintain City of Portland protections on the Bull Run and limit potential sources of Cryptosporidium.

Monitor the Bull Run raw water intake for Cryptosporidium.

Notify the public of Cryptosporidium detections.

Coordinate with state and local health officials on Cryptosporidium infection surveillance.