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Testing for PFAS and Keeping Your Drinking Water Safe

Groundwater vs. Groundwater
The groundwater referenced in the OPB story is relatively shallow groundwater and does not supply the deep wells that provide Portland’s drinking water.

You may have read a story posted today by Oregon Public Broadcasting about chemicals known as per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Your drinking water supplied by Portland Water remains safe. PFAS have not been detected in Portland’s drinking water. A summary of testing results can be found on the Portland Water PFAS information webpage.

What are PFAS?

PFAS are a large group of human-made chemicals that have historically been used in a variety of ways, including in firefighting foams or to make consumer goods non-stick, water-repellent, or stain-repellent. Some of these chemicals are now known to be harmful to human health.

Portland drinking water is delivered from two high-quality sources: the Bull Run Watershed and the Columbia South Shore Well Field. Our water quality, groundwater protection, and Bull Run resource protection staff routinely monitor and conduct tests of Portland’s drinking water and work closely with the public and our community partners to protect public health.

Portland Water will continue to monitor its drinking water sources for PFAS and maintain its robust source water protection programs.

Find more information about PFAS and your drinking water here.

What can you do?

Learn more about our water resources and what you can do to help protect Portland’s groundwater source.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting our water resources. Learn more on Portland’s How You Can Help Groundwater page or attend one of Portland Water’s groundwater special events.