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Save up to $3,000 on a New Ice Machine for your Business

Metal ice scoop resting in ice cubes

Does your business own a water-cooled ice machine? If so, the Portland Water Bureau offers a rebate that pays 50% of the cost (up to $3,000) for replacing a water-cooled ice machine with an approved new ENERGY STAR® certified air-cooled model. 

Reduce Water Use with an Air-Cooled Ice Machine

Air-cooled ice machines can reduce water consumption by as much as 85% when compared to water-cooled models.  By making the switch to an air-cooled model, you can significantly save on water and sewer costs. You may also save energy depending on the age and efficiency of the water-cooled machine being replaced

How much could I save?

This depends on how much ice you use each day, but the savings are noticeable. For example, a water-cooled ice machine that has a maximum harvest rate of 800 pounds of ice per day can use between 500 to 1,200 gallons of water per day— just for the cooling water. You could save $10 to $25 per day by switching to an air-cooled model.  

Can I still make the same kind of ice?

Yes. Round, crushed, big, or small— switching your machine doesn’t mean your ice product has to change. There are a large variety of ENERGY STAR ® certified air-cooled ice machines on the market. Find one that works for you.

Get More Information

Visit our website for application information, to schedule a pre-install inspection, and to learn about other ways to save water in a commercial facility, including best-practices for commercial ice machines.