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Bull Run Treatment Planning for Pipes

Map of property and potential pipeline routesCity Council will decide whether to purchase the property at 35319 S.E. Carpenter Lane in Gresham, which is directly across the street from the new filtration facility. The land provides a potential route for pipes from the filtration plant.

Council will decide on Wednesday, Oct. 23 whether the Water Bureau will move forward with the purchase of the property at 35319 S.E. Carpenter Lane in Gresham. This is directly across the street from the new filtration facility. The bureau’s interest in this property is in the land, as a potential route for pipes from the filtration plant north to Dodge Park Boulevard.

When the Council provides direction on the pipe configuration, the project team will develop designs and determine specific needs. The property will be sold if not needed for filtration plant purposes when the project is complete.

Water Bureau staff are committed to being good neighbors and responsible stewards of ratepayer money. The treatment facility is needed to comply with federal regulations. It also provides multiple benefits to the nearly one million people we serve. 

“This filtration facility will improve public health and water quality and increase the drinking water system’s resilience and reliability,” said supervising engineer David Peters.

Early decisions for the new facility were made using a process grounded in community and Water Bureau values. More than 1,600 customers and 20 stakeholder groups weighed in. These values are being incorporated throughout the project and help inform decisions. Nearby neighbors of the filtration plant are engaging in a Good Neighbor Agreement process to give input on the design of the plant, construction management, and mitigation options.

“The City Council will make decisions together, with the advice of the Portland Utility Board and with our ratepayers and the Site Advisory Committee,” said Commissioner Amanda Fritz.

As the facility is being designed and during construction, additional property and easements from property owners may need to be purchased. Any purchases above the financial thresholds in City Code must be approved by City Council.

“Keeping sight of the goal is critical,” said Peters. “This project will help the Portland Water Bureau provide safe and abundant water to a million people for generations to come.”

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