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The City of Portland, Oregon

Ted Wheeler

Mayor, City of Portland

main phone: 503-823-4120

1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 340, Portland, OR 97204

Information for PCCEP Applicants


The City will be hosting six informational sessions for those interested in learning more about PCCEP and the application process. Dates, times and locations are as follows:
Thursday 5/10:  6:30-7:30 pm                    
Matt Dishman Community Center
77 NE Knott Street
Portland, OR 97212
Saturday 5/12:                   2-3 pm
Midland Library
805 SE 122nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97223
Wednesday 5/16:             6:30-7:30 pm
Belmont Library 
1038 SE César E.Chávez Blvd. 
Portland, OR 97214
Sunday 5/20:                      1-2 pm
Capitol Hill Library 
10723 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, OR 97219
Tuesday 5/22:                    6:30-7:30 pm
Kenton Library
8226 N. Denver Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
Thursday 5/24:  6:30-7:30 pm
Friendly House
1737 NW 26th Ave.
Portland, OR 97210




What is the Portland Committee for Community-Engaged Policing?


The Portland Committee for Community-Engaged Policing (PCCEP) is being formed to independently assess the City of Portland’s Settlement Agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in addition to working with the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) to develop policies and assess community engagement efforts. The Settlement Agreement calls for reform to PPB policies and training, particularly related to use of force and interactions with people who have or are perceived to have a mental health condition.


You can find more information on the PCCEP here:

You can find general information on the Settlement Agreement here:


What will the PCCEP do?

The PCCEP will engage with Portland’s diverse communities in key areas of concern, including constitutional policing, use of force, interactions with people experiencing mental health conditions, complaint investigations, and racial justice. The PCCEP will also contribute to the development of the PPB Community Engagement Plan, as directed by the Settlement Agreement between the City of Portland and the DOJ.

The PCCEP will be authorized to:


  • Provide recommendations in key areas of concern (including but not limited to those listed above) to the Mayor, PPB, the Office of Equity and Human Rights and the DOJ based on information gathered from Portland’s diverse communities.
  • Review and make recommendations on PPB policies touching the DOJ Settlement Agreement and/or key areas of concern.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to PPB regarding community engagement initiatives already in progress and those needed in the future.
  • During the effective period of the Settlement Agreement, appear before the Court at the annual status conference and provide an assessment of the City’s progress toward achieving the goals of the Settlement Agreement.


Who can be a PCCEP member?


  • People who are at least 16 years old and live, work, worship, and/or go to school in Portland. (Please note that “worship” is broadly defined to include all religions and areas of worship.)
  • PCCEP members cannot be current City employees or have an actual or perceived conflict of interest with the City.




Who is an ideal PCCEP candidate?


Individuals who are:

  • Open-minded and willing to consider other opinions
  • Demonstrate an ability to be impartial and objective
  • Possess sound communication and listening skills
  • Lead and function well in a group
  • Are willing to make a substantial time commitment — including trainings, at least two evening meetings per month (with one open to the public), and workgroup meetings
  • Able to listen to community concerns at meetings open to the public


How will PCCEP members be selected?


  • The Mayor, in consultation with the Selection Advisory Committee and Council Offices, will interview final candidates and select 9 to 11 individuals to sit on the PCCEP. There will be five alternates. The Selection Advisory Committee, a five-member panel with representatives selected by the Mayor and each of the Commissioners, will review applications, conduct initial interviews and provide the Mayor with recommendations for final candidates.


What are the responsibilities of each PCCEP member?


  • If you are selected, commit to serve either a one or two-year term. (Please note that PCCEP members may, upon the completion of their first term, apply to serve for another. Per City rules, PCCEP members may serve for up to eight years).
  • Prior to being seated on the PCCEP, be required to:
    • Learn about the history of the City of Portland’s Settlement Agreement with the DOJ;
    • Attend PPB community academy;
    • Participate in a ride-along with PPB; and
    • Participate in subject matter and board trainings.
    • Under Oregon state law, a public official is any person serving the State of Oregon, any of the state’s political subdivisions, or any other public body as an appointed official. Under City ordinance, a city official includes anyone appointed to a board or commission, or a citizen volunteer authorized to act on behalf of the City of Portland. PCCEP members will be both public and city officials.  PCCEP members will have certain responsibilities and obligations that are different than those of private citizens. Training will be provided to all members prior to being seated.
    • Engage and collaborate with other PCCEP members, law enforcement and the Portland community in a respectful and productive manner.
    • Provide information to and solicit feedback from Portland’s diverse communities through roundtables and town halls, to be held at least quarterly and open to the public.
  • The minimum time commitment for PCCEP members will be approximately 8 hours a month, including reading materials before meetings and attending meetings. The committee (with the agreement of its members) may, at its discretion, lengthen the time commitment depending on the work it wishes to conduct.



To be considered, please complete this application.


Please note that PCCEP application submissions are public records subject to disclosure upon request but effort will be made to protect sensitive information in public disclosure and discussion, to the extent allowed by law.


The City strives to eliminate barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from participating in City programs, services and activities. If accommodations or translations are needed to submit a PCCEP application, or you have any other questions, please contact Mandi Hood at (503) 319-7736.

In recognition of the importance of the participation of persons with lived experience of a mental health condition in the PCCEP process, accommodations will be provided to ensure a safe environment that supports full participation of all PCCEP members.


Please return your completed application by Monday, July 2. There are several options for submitting your application:


You can print the application below, pick up a copy at the Mayor’s Office, or call Mandi Hood at 503-319-7736 to request a paper copy by mail.



Application and Instructions in additional languages: 




            MAIL or DROP OFF:

                        Mandi Hood c/o Nicole Grant

Office of the Mayor

1221 SW 4th Avenue Room 340

Portland, OR 97204


If you have questions regarding the PCCEP or this application, please contact Mandi Hood, PCCEP Project Manager, at (503) 319-7736 or email


If accommodations or translations are needed to submit a PCCEP application, please contact Mandi Hood at (503) 319-7736 or


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