Portland Fire & Rescue responds to a Commercial Fire in NW.

May 29, 2015 12:00

Portland Fire and Rescue Badge
Portland Fire and Rescue Badge

Firefighters were dispatched to a fire (1338 NW 23RD Ave)at 8:12 AM. Initial reports were that all occupants were out of the business, and smoke was coming from the basement. The first arriving engine company quickly located the fire, which originated in the dryer, and put it out. The Truck crew provided ventilation and verified that all occupants were accounted for. No one was injured during this incident.

Portland Fire & Rescue would like to remind all to:

*Clean the filter after each load of laundry
*Don't turn your dryer on if you're leaving the house
*Have a professional clean out your dryer vent two times per year
*Inspect the motor area for dust and lint; vacuum to remove debris
*Clean out commercial dryers even more regularly
*Avoid drying mop heads

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