Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to Occupied Trailer Fire in SE Portland (Photo)

December 01, 2016 12:40


Portland Fire & Rescue responded to a trailer fire at 7409 SE 82nd Ave around 9:15 am. When fire crews arrived, they found smoke and fire coming from every opening in the trailer. As crews began putting water on the fire, an electrical line burned & then fell onto the metal trailer. This was an electrocution hazard to the firefighters and they had to stay clear of the trailer.

The resident that had been in the trailer at the time of the fire was rescued by a neighbor. The neighbor stated that he initially tried to put out the fire, but it became so big so fast that he knew he needed to get out. The neighbor then pulled the disabled resident out of the trailer just before fire crews got there. Fire crews treated and then AMR transported the 70 year old male resident to Emanuel Hospit

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