Update: Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to Garage Fire in N Portland

November 23, 2015 22:05

Portland Fire and Rescue Badge
Portland Fire and Rescue Badge

Update: The cause of the garage fire is electrical in nature. A Portland Fire & Rescue Arson Investigator determined that the fire was started by an over loaded 20 amp breaker in the garage.

The fire in the garage damaged a motor home on one side and the home on the other. The estimated damage to the garage is approximately $10,000.00.

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Each year in the U.S., electrical problems cause 68,000 home fires and 500 deaths. A fire caused by a faulty electrical system can destroy a home and everything in it within minutes.

- Don't overload extension cords, wall sockets, or breakers.

- Check working appliances often. Replace worn, old, or damaged appliance cords right away.

- December is the most dangerous month for electrical fire

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