PF&R extinguishes early morning house fire in N Portland.

June 20, 2016 12:30

Portland Fire and Rescue Badge
Portland Fire and Rescue Badge


PF&R Fire Investigators have discovered the cause of this fire to be an "Unattended meat smoker left on back porch" -the total damage estimate is $150,000.

Safety message: PF&R would like to remind residents to never leave BBQ's or any type of outdoor cooking device unattended and always place in a area with plenty of space from any combustible material.

Portland Fire & Rescue was called to a residential fire at 9027 N Tyler Ave at 3:21 this morning. On arrival fire crews found active fire on one side of the structure. Fire was also found in the basement and in the knee walls of the attic. Crews worked to extinguish all fire and protect exposures around the building.

Updates and pictures will be added as they become available.

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