Portland Fire & Rescue continues to see firework related emergencies

July 05, 2015 16:40

Portland Fire and Rescue Badge
Portland Fire and Rescue Badge

Firefighters had a busy night throughout the city responding to firework related emergencies. Fireworks continued to create calls today and are the culprit in an injury accident in NE Portland. An adult male received burns to his hand and was transported to a local hospital. The individual held on to a firework that exploded and caused the injury.

In a separate incident in SE Portland, a 15ft by 20ft area of dry grass was ignited by juveniles playing with fireworks. They were seen fleeing the area before firefighters arrived to extinguish the fire.

Portland Fire & Rescue reminds residents that children should never play with fireworks unsupervised. When using legal fireworks, only set them off outdoors, in a clear area, away from homes, dry leaves, or grass

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