Car into building and another vehicle on 21st and W. Burnside sending three to the hospital

July 30, 2014 04:54

Portland Fire and Rescue Badge
Portland Fire and Rescue Badge

At 8:12pm PF&R and PPB responded to a vehicle accident on W. Burnside near SW 21st Ave. A vehicle traveling westbound crossed the center line, struck another vehicle and sent both into the Jim Fisher Volvo business at SW 21st and Burnside. It's believed that the 43yr old driver may have had a medical event and went unconcscious before crossing the center line. PPB investigators are at the scene to determine details of the accident. The 43yr old driver and the two occupants of the vehicle he struck were all transported to the hospital. The 43yr old driver was made a trauma system entry and was transported to OHSU; Firefighters also had to extinguish a small fire in the engine compartment while removing him from the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle struck were believed to have very minor inju

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