Cold Temperature and High Winds Affect a House Fire in SE Portland

January 03, 2017 16:00

Portland Fire and Rescue Badge
Portland Fire and Rescue Badge

At 12:10pm today PF&R crews were sent to 3602 SE 8th ave. for a possible house fire. The fire was reported by roof construction crews who were working on the vacant home. PF&R crews reported seeing a column of smoke en route to the location and when they arrived the fire had spread throughout the attic space and roof line. Deputy Chief Dan Buckner commented on how weather conditions affected the fire "this fire is an excellent example of how wind can move fire quickly through a home and make it difficult for firefighters to conduct our normal operation. For safety reasons I could not assign a crew to be on that roof."
The fire was contained around 1pm. Fire investigators have determined the fire was caused by a combination of roof work that was being done and the presence of high winds.

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