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Status: Decision Rendered
Appeal ID: 12363 Project Address: 11525 NE Halsey St
Hearing Date: 8/12/15 Appellant Name: peter nylen
Case No.: B-012 Appellant Phone: 5039978770
Appeal Type: Building Plans Examiner/Inspector: Steven Mortensen
Project Type: commercial Stories: 1 Occupancy: B Construction Type: V-B
Building/Business Name: Hour to Midnight Fire Sprinklers: No
Appeal Involves: Alteration of an existing structure,other: additional item to 12339 LUR or Permit Application No.: 15-185963-CO
Plan Submitted Option: pdf   [File 1]   [File 2]   [File 3]   [File 4] Proposed use: escape room game


Appeal item 1

Code Section

Section 1008.1.9.9


Electromagnetically locked egress doors. Doors is a means of egress in Group ...B....shall be permitted to be electromagnetically locked if equipped with listed hardware that incorporates a built-in switch and meet the requirements below:

  1. The listed hardware that is affixed to the door leaf has an obvious method of operation that is readily operated under all light conditions.
  2. The listed hardware is capable of being operated with one hand.
  3. Operation of the listed hardware directly interrupts the power to the electromagnetic lock and unlocks the door immediately.
  4. Loss of power to the listed hardware automatically unlocks the door.
  5. Where panic or fire exit hardware is required by section 1008.1.10, operation of the listed panic of fire exit hardware also releases the electromagnetic lock.
Code Modification or Alternate Requested
Proposed Design

Electromagnetic locks will be used on all game room doors. They comply with all applicable requirements of 1008.1.9.9, with the exception that they are affixed to the side of the door ( see door schedule), not the leaf of the door.

Reason for alternative

The egress hardware (cut sheet and certificate previously submitted) affixed immediately next to the door has an obvious method of operation, is capable of being operated with one hand, unlocks the door immediately and fails open during a power loss. In response to the 7 additional items not in the code section cited: 1.see narrative attached 2. emergency egress lighting to be in each room and in common spaces and corridors 3. electromagnetic locks fail safe - no power: no magnet: no lock (see certificate) 4. no sprinklers or fire alarms are present 5. games will be monitored at all times by staff in the control room ( see Principles of Operation) 6. same 7. Egress switch location shown in door schedule and plan.

Because these locks can be obviously operated at any time by game participants and rooms will be monitored by staff at all times during games, we request that these electromagnetic locks be allowed. As said above, emergency egress lighting will be provided in all game rooms and in common spaces.


Electro-Magnetic Locking Hardware at Game Rooms: Granted provided egress lighting is installed in game rooms with emergency backup.

The Administrative Appeal Board finds that the information submitted by the appellant demonstrates that the approved modifications or alternate methods are consistent with the intent of the code; do not lessen health, safety, accessibility, life, fire safety or structural requirements; and that special conditions unique to this project make strict application of those code sections impractical.

Pursuant to City Code Chapter 24.10, you may appeal this decision to the Building Code Board of Appeal within 180 calendar days of the date this decision is published. For information on the appeals process and costs, including forms, appeal fee, payment methods and fee waivers, go to, call (503) 823-7300 or come in to the Development Services Center.