Portland Fire Arson Investigation Unit Announce Arrest of Suspect in Multiple Arson Fires (Photo)

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

November 26, 2019 12:40


Today, Portland Fire & Rescue along with Portland Police, announced the arrest of a suspect in multiple arson fires. Most notably, the suspect, Allen Singerhouse, 39, has been charged with setting a large and dangerous four-alarm grass fire in Northeast Portland on August 26, 2019. That fire burned two businesses, at least five townhomes, 47 parked cars and four acres of brush. It took a large and dangerous effort by multiple partner fire departments and city bureau partners (police, water, transportation, emergency management) to prevent a large loss of life, injury and further property damage.

Under a coordinated arrest warrant, police and fire personnel arrested Singerhouse at his house in Northeast Portland on Thursday; after he admitted to starting several fires around Portland, including three the night of August 26, 2019 and several others. Singerhouse was interviewed at his residence and he confessed to setting multiple fires in the Northeast Portland area. Singerhouse is charged with three counts of first-degree arson and is due back in court Dec. 3.

Portland Fire & Rescue Chief Sara Boone says of the work put into this investigation: “This entire operation required a massive amount of planning, technical expertise, and shared resources between PF&R’s Arson Investigation Unit, Portland Police, and many others. There are few moments in a person’s career where such an operation is so significant that the arrest of a suspect has a profound impact on the city at large.  The core of our mission is to protect life and property from the threat of fire. This prolific arsonist instilled fear throughout the public domain and threatened the welfare of communities across this city with a devastating economic impact. I am proud of the work of the Arson Investigation Unit in finding this suspect and protecting the city.”

After being briefed, Fire Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty had the following reaction: "I'm very grateful for the diligent efforts of the joint Portland Fire & Rescue and Portland Police Bureau’s Arson Investigations Unit. Our community can rest a little easier thanks to the work of our public safety officials."

Investigators believe Singerhouse is responsible for more fires in the NE and SE Portland areas (particularly the area near SE 101st and SE Foster Rd). The investigation of these fires linked to Singerhouse are ongoing. Two heat maps (see attachment) have been included to display areas of concern. If anyone has information regarding Singerhouse and his involvement with fires in the Portland area (especially areas shown on the included maps), please call the Fire Investigation Hotline at 503-823-INFO (503-823-4636).

The following list contains the fires Mr Singerhouse is currently being charged with prior to today’s grand jury indictment: 

08/26/19 – NE Siskyou / NE 82nd Ave (19-293611) 4th Alarm Fire – Charge: Arson I (BM 11) ORS 164.325 one count for now

09/01/19 – 11703 NE Glenn Widing (19-804195) dumpster fire – Charge: Arson II ORS 164.315  

09/01/19 – 11719 NE Glenn Widing (19-300931) dumpster fire – Charge: Arson II ORS 164.315