PF&R Fire Investigators Need Help Regarding Dangerous Explosive -video link below

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

June 07, 2020 19:35


Portland Fire & Rescue Fire (PF&R) Investigators and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Detectives are investigating an explosive device that was thrown over the fence at MCSO deputies in front of the 3rd ave. side of the Justice Center late Saturday night. Two deputies reported concussion injuries due to the explosion. They were evaluated by embedded RRT (Rapid Response Team) medics. Investigators believe this was an improvised explosive device similar to a M1000 firework. This M1000 type of explosive is extremely dangerous, and is nicknamed a quarter stick, in reference to its similarity to a stick of dynamite. These are often poorly made by non-professionals, and they are very unstable.

A short clip of the explosive being thrown at deputies is linked below. It is difficult to see from the video, but this device produces a strong concussive force. Witnesses said the explosion was at least twice as loud as the largest mortar style fireworks they had been hearing earlier in the week.

Video Link:

Investigators would like anyone who has information about this explosive or the production of any explosives like this to call them at 503-823-INFO (4636) where they can leave an anonymous tip. The investigation is on-going.