Overnight fire intentionally set by resident

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

September 30, 2022 10:20


Just after 3:45 am, crews were dispatched to reports of a person burning material outside their apartment door on the third. The caller reported that this resident did the same thing earlier in the day at this 5-story apartment building at 1410 SW Broadway. The caller and others began to evacuate the building. Another caller reported that smoke was coming from inside the apartment. 

When firefighters arrived, they went to the fire floor and found light smoke and some burned debris outside this apartment and began to evacuate that floor and the floors above. We requested Police Code 3 (lights and sirens emergency). Officers from Portland Police (PPB) Central Precinct responded. We informed them that the resident was throwing items out of a 3rd story window. Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team (ECIT) officers attempted to communicate with the resident but she was unresponsive. Officers ascended to the 3rd floor and coordinated with PF&R to breach the door and take the resident into custody. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance on a Police Officer Hold, allowing her to be held for mental health evaluation.

Once inside the apartment, crews were able to quickly mitigate the small fire and smoke and the fire was recalled at 4:19. Fire investigators were also on the scene and are waiting for the medical evaluation to be complete before considering arson charges for this fire. No additional injuries have been reported. 

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of PF&R, PPB, and AMR, this emergency concluded without serious harm to this resident or any others. PF&R would like to remind anyone experiencing, or who knows of someone who is experiencing mental health crisis to please call (503)988-4888 for assistance.