PF&R at scene of SW Portland house fire/possible fire victim

April 10, 2014 15:40


At 12:48pm PF&R crews were dispatched to the scene of a house fire at 10931 SW 61st ave. Fire crews arrived to find heavy fire and smoke from a single family residence and there were reports that an elderly male was still inside. Fire crews immediately began search and rescue efforts and found one deceased fire victim. The fire was contained to just one room; fire investigators are on scene to identify the victim and establish a cause of the fire. There were reports that neighbors made several attempts to enter the burning home before firefighters arrived. "While we certainly understand and appreciate the efforts of these concerned citizens and neighbors we want to also enforce our concern for their safety. Without the proper equipment they could have easily been additional victims in this tragedy. PF&R has made safety messaging a priority and our message here is to survey your own homes for hazards and ensure you have operating smoke alarms, create an escape plan and use the 911 system for emergencies" said PF&R Fire Chief Erin Janssens, who was at the scene today -"Our hearts go out to the family members, neighbors and friends for their loss today."
Fire investigators will be continuing their investigation and will provide information on the cause and how the clutter/hoarding situation may have effected the outcome. No other injuries to residents, pets or firefighters were reported.