PF&R responds to a 2 alarm apartment fire this morning. (Photo)

November 09, 2023 13:10


This morning at just before 10:30 a.m. Portland Fire was dispatched to an apartment fire at 2500 N Williams Ave. Dispatch reported that a caller was saying that their apartment was on fire. Within four minutes of being dispatched, the first crews arrived with nothing showing from the exterior. Occupants were outside and alarm bells were ringing. 

Crews went interior to investigate and found smoke on the third floor and began to search for the involved room. Initial reports were that there was low heat with dark smoke. Crews quickly transitioned to rescue mode and went from room to room to determine whether occupants needed to be evacuated or shelter-in-place. The Chief in command called for a second alarm that would bring additional fire resources as well as a medical strike team in preparation for the possibility of multiple victims. This would bring the number of firefighters and paramedics responding to 100. These fires can be complex and requesting resources early can make a difference in the outcome.

A sprinkler did activate in the hallway as the fire in the 3rd story apartment grew and breached the glass on the exterior wall, this was noticed by fire crews arriving. As occupants were being brought out of the structure, fire attack lines were being deployed. Crews continued to search the fire floor and the floor above the fire to determine the need for evacuation and the extent of damage. The fire was brought under control at 10:46. We were able to exhaust the smoke quickly and several tenants were able to stay in their apartments while we began the investigation. Several occupants were evaluated for possible smoke inhalation injuries, but nobody was transported to the hospital. Arson investigators are on the scene and the cause is currently under investigation.