Boy gets finger stuck in wheel, Portland Fire & Rescue Responds To His Aid

May 03, 2014 05:24


Early this evening, Portland Fire & Rescue crews responded to report of a child who had a "finger stuck in a wheel". Upon arrival, Rescue 7 found an 8-year old boy who had his finger in the lug hole of a car wheel. The child had been stuck for approximately 45 minutes while his parents tried to free him, unsuccessfully, trying oil and petroleum jelly.

After calling for assistance from another crew they began the extrication by wrapping the end of the finger using an elastic strap from a non-rebreather oxygen mask and applying a cold pack to reduce swelling. The strap compressed the finger to a smaller than normal size to help it slide through the hole. As the finger was backed out of the hole, the strap was slowly unwound eventually freeing the finger. Oftentimes it is the simplex solutions, not the destructive ones, that get the job done.

The patient was evaluated after the extrication and is fine.

Photos used with permission from the parents of the patient.
Photos courtesy of PF&R Photographer Dick Harris