Learn CPR from PF&R This Weekend for Free (Photo)

May 08, 2014 15:30


When Governor Kitzhaber helped save a woman's life on the streets of Portland this week, one of the main things he has emphasized since is that more people need to learn CPR. He told reporters, "Everyone in the state should take a CPR course...you can save people's lives if you get there early enough."

Portland Fire & Rescue agrees and that's why our firefighters will be on hand at each Sunday Parkways event this summer teaching free, hands-only CPR classes. PF&R wants to help Portlanders learn the basics so they can assist their family, neighbors, friends and even strangers should they suffer cardiac arrest.

We're kicking off the first classes during the East Portland Sunday Parkways this weekend on May 11 at Glenwood Park (SE 87th Ave & Claybourne St.) from noon until 4 pm. Classes will be on the hour, every hour: just show up to take part.

Portland Fire Chief Erin Janssens is on a mission to make sure as many people know CPR as possible. "While everyone knows how important it is to get to fires and rescues quickly with the right team and equipment, every second counts when it comes to medical emergencies, too," says Janssens. "If a person can't breathe, permanent brain damage begins within four to six minutes. When cardiac arrest occurs, the chance to save a life decreases ten percent for every minute that treatment is delayed. That's why it's so important for everyone to get trained in CPR so they can start delivering help right away while we're en route."

The classes Portland firefighters will be teaching during Sunday Parkways is what's referred to as "hands-only CPR" which uses only chest compressions to help stabilize a person. Participants will get to practice on mannequins to help demonstrate proper hand placement, amount of pressure needed and rate required for effective compressions: it's a lot of work saving lives!

Portland Fire & Rescue Commissioner Dan Saltzman noted: "As Governor Kitzhaber has recently reminded us, being trained in CPR can be a life saver and this summer Portlanders who attend the Sunday Parkways celebrations will have that opportunity."