Tragic RV Fire Claims One Life

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

January 13, 2024 20:25


Just after 2:30 pm today, Portland Fire & Rescue crews responded to reports of a tree that had fallen onto an RV, which was then on fire with someone inside. A second caller told dispatch that the RV was completely engulfed in flames. The first arriving fire crew confirmed this when they got to the scene. Fire crews found a tree on the RV and a power pole with multiple live lines and a transformer impeding the ability of crews to make a direct attack on this fire. In addition to these hazards, multiple roads were impassable due to this winter blast.

As crews deployed hose lines they realized that the hydrant closest to the fire was not working and was likely frozen. They quickly adapted, and another crew worked to secure the next closest fire hydrant. As crews extinguished this fire, they were informed that three other individuals who had been in the RV were safely sheltered at a nearby home. AMR responded to that location and found that one of the three people had non-life-threatening injuries and transported them to a local hospital.  The other two were uninjured.

While those three individuals were able to exit the RV, one person was unable to escape and was tragically killed in the accident. A female in her early 30s was trapped when the tree fell and died inside the RV. Our Fire Investigator learned that the individuals in the RV were using an open flame stove to keep warm when the tree fell, causing the RV to catch fire. 

Portland Fire & Rescue reminds the community to exercise caution when using heating sources in the winter months and to be aware of their surroundings. We would also like to remind folks that responses will be delayed due to weather conditions and hazards on the roadways.