Portland Fire & Rescue Transports Critically Injured Stabbing Patient to Hospital in Police Car

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

May 05, 2024 10:45


Just after midnight on May 5, 2024, PF&R Engine 31 responded to reports of a stabbing in the Rockwood neighborhood. On arrival, they found a critically injured patient suffering from multiple stab wounds. However, as AMR was at “level zero,” there were no available ambulances and, when an ambulance was assigned to this incident, it was dispatched from Clackamas County. 


The patient’s best chance at survival: rapid transport to an emergency department and, ultimately, to a trauma surgeon, where the patient’s injuries could be definitively addressed. As a result, the PF&R crew made the decision to transport the patient in an on-scene Gresham Police car to the closest emergency department. With the assistance of Gresham police officers, the PF&R crew loaded the patient into the back seat of a GPD car using a lifting tarp. The patient was then transported in the police car “Code 3” (lights and sirens) to the closest emergency department. A PF&R firefighter/paramedic rode in the back seat of the police car with the patient to help staunch the bleeding and provide other EMS treatment to the patient enroute to the hospital. The current condition of the patient is unknown to PF&R at this time.


“Seconds matter on critical trauma incidents,” said PF&R PIO Rick Graves. “Whether we transport you in an ambulance or find another way to get you to the hospital if an ambulance is unavailable, we’re going to do it. I’m very proud of our members for adapting to the unique circumstances of this call and providing the patient with the best chance for survival given these circumstances.”